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Western University: Why Should You Go There?

Known for its notable academic excellence, intensive research programs, and innovative student leaders, Western University ranks among the top 1% of universities globally. The enriching academic courses and the high quality hospitality services make Western University is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. Here is why.

1. Clubs and Organizations

Western University offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, varying from athletic clubs to school spirit associations. Many activities revolve around unity, academics, cultural expression, health and wellness, finance, business, politics, performing arts, and sustainability. Some schools-wide clubs at the university include the Association of the Role Players, Best Buddies Western, Beyond the Books, and the Association of International Relations. There are also several community-oriented clubs dedicated towards providing a safe space for students to express their cultural heritage. Some community-oriented clubs are the Bangladeshi Students’ Association, African Students Association, and the Arab Students Association. By joining different clubs and organizations, students at Western University are able to develop strong connections with their peers and form life-long friendships.

2. Athletics

Western University also offers athletic services and recreational activities, including dance, fitness, track and field, athletic clubs, aquatic sports, and intramural sports. A campus recreation center is also available for students to participate in athletic activities. The university offers an athletic membership, providing several benefits and unique opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in sports.

3. Campus Life and Local Environment

Food and Dining

Western University provides dining facilities where students can eat, relax, and socialize with their peers. These dining facilities focus on catering several types of dishes to ensure that students are well nourished and receive substantial nutrition. There are also several restaurants located nearby the campus, such as Green Leaf Cafe, the Grad Club, Restaurant Ninety One, the Spoke, and the Wave.


Western University highly prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of its students. Foot patrol volunteers regularly monitor the arrival and departure of students by providing safe escorts. Also, Western Special Constables, the CPETD (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) system, and the Western Campus Community police focus on monitoring safety throughout the campus by deterring criminal activity. AlertWesternU is Western University’s notification system for students to report local crimes and emergencies. In addition, Western University Fire Safety is the university’s fire department, which prevents fires from occurring by enforcing safety precautions and by holding fire drills.

Shopping and Retail

There are many stores located in Western University allowing students to engage in their personal interests by purchasing items that they are interested in. The shops include the bookstore, the Campus Computer Store, the Campus Vision, the Purple Store, the grocery checkout, the university pharmacy, and more.

4. Student Supports

Academic Supports

Western University provides self-development programs, student support services, and a supportive campus community, which ensures that students develop successful futures. For instance, the Career and Experience Department supports students by allowing them to acquire more experience in their chosen career paths, preparing them for jobs in the future, and equipping them with valuable skills that enable them to expand their network and enhance their degrees. Also, the Wellness Education Center, the writing support center, the Academic Support Center, and the Engagement Student Center supplies students with the necessary resources to build strong academic careers, and provides them with quality educational services. Western University also contains several leadership opportunities and programs, such as the Leadership Education Program, Leadership & Academic Mentorship Program, and the International Peer Guide Program, that enable students to develop strong leadership skills.

Western University is committed to promoting equality and a qualified environment for all individuals, regardless of background, sexuality, race, or ethnicity. Individuals with disabilities are permitted to receive additional guidance and accommodations to suit their needs. The International and Exchange Student Center, the Indigenous Student Center, the Academic and Transitional Programming for Indigenous Students, and the Out of Province Student Association are institutions that provide mentoring services to foreign exchange students, indigenous students, and to students located in provinces outside of Ontario.

Psychological, and Medical Supports

Western University offers psychological services that are confidential and free of charge to all students at Western University. Student Health Services are also offered, and focus on supplying medical, psychological, and counseling support for students.

Student Central Services

Student Central is a support center for students that offers a variety of services for students at Western University, by offering assistance in financial aid, scholarships funds, tuition payments, exam and graduation fees, completion of third party forms, and course registration.

Western University offers various hospitality services, academic and extracurricular programs, and student support services, that allow students to develop their passions, find their career goals, and secure their futures. If you are interested, check out their websites for more details.


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