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University of Toronto: Why Should You Go There?

The University of Toronto is the number 1 university in Canada and the 18th best university in the world. Located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario, Canada, the University of Toronto has 93, 081 students and is ranked globally for its nursing, physiology, geography, and computer science courses.

The University of Toronto (U of T) offers 700 undergraduate programs across a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to humanities and social sciences, engineering, and music and architecture. The average domestic tuition of a program at U of T ranges from $6,000 CAD to $14,000, depending on your field of study. The University of Toronto offers a variety of financial aid to its students, including admissions scholarships and other scholarships and bursaries offered depending on your program. The University of Toronto also offers co-op programs in a variety of disciplines, offering the ability to make a salary and pay for university while gaining job experience in your field of study.

The University of Toronto has three individual campuses in the GTA; Scarborough, Mississauga, and St. George, with St. George being the largest of the three. There are 42 libraries across the three campuses, each one focusing on one or more areas of study. U of T offers many student support services across its campuses, including the Student Success Centre at St. George, the Health and Counselling Centre at Mississauga, and the Health and Wellness Centre at Scarborough. The centres aim to provide students with easy access to trained health professionals for all of their mental health and medical needs.

If you choose to venture off of campus (which you should), there are many attractions that you could spend time discovering. Some highlights of the surrounding area of the St. George campus are the Royal Conservatory of Music, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, and many, many amazing restaurants. If you have some spare time while pursuing your degree and want to play the tourist, then these attractions and many more await your visit.

Looking for something else to do while studying at the U of T? Check out the wide variety of clubs and organizations! There are over a thousand student groups and organizations at U of T, such as Against Dragons (a student Dungeons and Dragons group), the 881 Drama Club, the Amateur Astronomers Association, and the Aminal Rights Club, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This isn’t to mention the many cultural clubs and associations that aim to promote diversity in certain subjects, support students in various minority groups, and raise awareness for issues faced by different minority groups in various countries.

If sports are your thing, then you may want to look into joining a U of T Blues team. The U of T offers a variety of sports, such as soccer, curling, fencing, mountain biking, squash, water polo, and more! The U of T offers scholarships to athletically outstanding students and provides students with state-of-the-art recreational facilities. The Athletic Centre, which houses most of these facilities, is open to students who aren’t on a team as well to promote health and wellness among all students studying at the university.

The University of Toronto is a diverse university dedicated to student wellness and academic achievement. U of T is truly one of the most impressive academic institutions in Canada, and it puts an extreme focus on making sure that students have a fantastic university experience. If any of these details sound appealing to you, check out the multiple U of T websites for more information.


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