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Arts and Music

Arts and music are not typically perceived as relevant or useful, in comparison to STEM or business. However, these two fields can impact our lifestyle in several ways. Read below to figure out how.

Arts and Music: Why are they Important?

Arts and music are essential for teenagers, as they are often two fields used as an outlet for stress relief, distraction, and expression. For instance, participating in the arts is often connected to enhanced creativity and brain power among young children. In addition, art and music allow teenagers to escape the struggles that they may be encountering in their daily lives. They also enable teenagers to more freely express themselves, thus boosting their confidence and stimulating high self-esteem and creativity. Arts and Music also allows teenagers to form stronger connections with their own cultural roots. Some examples include ethnic dances, ancient paintings, songs, and more. Lastly, by incorporating arts and music into your daily lifestyle, you will be able to discover new talents and acquire more skills that will improve your general well-being.

How Can We Integrate Arts and Music into our Lifestyle?

The beauty of the arts and music is that it can be applied to anything in our lifestyle, whether it be writing a story, performing in a play, or even within your school work. The real question is, how can we utilise these two fields to improve our lifestyle? There are several ways and strategies, but here are some of the most common.



Dance is a form of art described as the movement of the body to music, and is often used to express emotions. Dance can be used to improve our daily lifestyle by allowing us to receive physical exercise, through posture control, motor skills, balance, flexibility, core control, and spine alignment. Dance is also useful when developing memory skills, as you are required to retain dance steps and movements. Dance is a full mind and body workout, and by incorporating this recreational activity into your daily lifestyle, you will surely be able to improve your health and mental state.

Painting, Drawing, and Sketching:

Painting, drawing, and sketching are all popular forms of art that allure the beauty of personal expression, imagination, and artistry. These forms of art allow you to portray your emotions, rather than keeping them concealed or bottled-in. Thus, by engaging in these activities, you will not only be able to improve your creativity and imaginative skills, but you will also be able to more thoroughly understand your emotions and portray them uniquely. This will allow you to develop stronger connections with your mind, body, and spirit.


Design is a form of art that involves creating or formatting things that look appealing, and that reflect your individual personality. This can include architecture, graphic design, or even organizing your own workspace. Through design, you will be able to feel accomplished and motivated throughout the day, which will have a beneficial effect on your daily lifestyle.



Playing musical instruments—whether it be the flute, trumpet, saxophone, or drums—allow us to freely express our emotions, while allowing us to attain valuable skills, such as memorization and balance. Playing instruments are connected to improving both the psychological and physical aspects of your body. For instance, research has shown that by learning a musical instrument, you will be able to acquire muscle memory and improve your brain power, through learning beats and notes. In addition, you will also be able to overcome stage fright and self esteem issues, as playing a musical instrument will often require you to perform in front of an audience. This will ease your nerves and anxiety when it comes to test taking, and will also allow you to feel more accomplished.


Singing is a form of music involving an individual producing music with their voice. Components of singing include songwriting, vocal sounds, and background music. Many people use singing as a way for them to showcase not only their vocal talent, but also their creativity, by writing meaningful lyrics that reflect their emotions. By incorporating singing into your daily lifestyle, you will be able to find an outlet for expressing your emotions, improve your song-writing skills, and demonstrate your creativity.

As shown, there are several ways in which you can incorporate music and arts into your lifestyle. Although not regarded as such, these two fields can improve our lifestyles in more ways than we can imagine.



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