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meet our founders!

Sameera Lakhani & Lakshmi Ramanathan

meet the team: Meet the Team
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Sameera Lakhani


Hey! I'm Sameera Lakhani, a high school junior in Ontario, Canada! As the co-founder of futureofgenZ, I am both exhilarated and elated to work with our committed and passionate executive team to surpass our goals and make a lasting impact. As an ambitious and provoked individual, I am involved as an executive member in a myriad of extracurriculars such as the PR Officer of HOSA, Media & Marketing Chair of my school's student council, and the VP of the 6 Beats Dance Team! In my spare time, I enjoy photography, graphic design, and video making! I look forward to the impact that we can accomplish in 2021! If you ever want to reach out, don't hesitate to contact me @sameeralakhanii on Instagram! Thank you all for all of your support. :)

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Lakshmi Ramanathan


Hello there! here's my life in a paragraph to read: I tried to understand possible future careers through being the vice president of my highschool's HOSA chapter, pursuing the role of an executive member in DECA, participating in the science rendevous fair, creating the social justice poster for YRP and many more. All these extracurriculars aided my sense of perspective with career fields though I was still indecisive.  futureofgenZ has helped me finalize what career path I'd like to go into and if you are presently stuck in the same situation as me, join our team today for an awesome experience. After being a part of just a few webinars via futureofgenZ, I know that I love the sciences and civil engineering. Just like that, you can find what path you were destined to be with our help. Here is my ig: @r_lakshmi25 - feel free to contact me with any questions, don't be shy :)

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meet the logistics team!

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Matthew Liaw

director of logistics

hey everyone, i’m a grade 11 student who plans on pursuing a career in medicine. i like to read and play sports, and my favourite subjects at school are phys ed, bio and chem. can’t wait to get this organization running!

meet the blog team!

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Parker McElroy

director of blog writers

Hey all! I am a grade 11 student in Canada, and I want to be an aerospace engineer when I grow up. In my extremely limited free time, I enjoy reading and playing on my switch.

meet the public relations team!

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Nithya Sirsabesan

social media manager

Hi! I'm Nithya, a grade 10 student from Canada who loves to read, hang out with friends and watch Netflix! I have no clue what I want to do in life so I'm super excited to find out with the help of futureofgenZ!

meet the ambassadors team!

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Ashanti exec pic.jpg

Ashanti Ameresekere

head of ambassadors

Hi! I’m a grade 10 student who wants to go into the advertising industry in the future. I enjoy watching competitive cooking shows, experimenting with graphic design, and reading horror manga.

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